Dab Smoking

Dab smoking is commonly practiced by consumers with higher tolerance to cannabis. Dabs are also smoked by patients with medical conditions…

Dab Smoking

The Basics of Dab Smoking

What are dabs?

If you are not a stranger to the cannabis world, you would know that marijuana can be consumed in a number of ways, depending on your body’s tolerance and preference. One of these methods of consumption is “dab smoking” or “dabbing.” A dab is a concentrated form of cannabis that contains higher levels of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, as well as terpenes. These cannabinoids are extracted through hydrocarbon solvents such as propane and butane to create what is popularly known as “hash oil,” “shatter,” or “wax.”

Dab smoking is commonly practiced by consumers with higher tolerance to cannabis. Dabs are also smoked by patients with medical conditions that require more potent relief than smoking raw flowers. Although dab smoking has been practiced for more than a decade, the popularity of this cannabis consumption method surged with the advent of advanced and easier means of producing concentrates.

When done safely, dabs can provide certain advantages to cannabis smokers. For one, effects of dab smoking are more powerful with much faster onset. In addition, it could also serve as a clean and pure product that is less harsh on the lungs.

How do you smoke dabs?

Dab smoking is usually practiced by applying the concentrate on a hot surface and inhaling. Serious dab smokers invest in more pieces of equipment than the regular smoker. Dabbing is usually done with a rig that contains a water pipe and a nail, a metal utensil to handle the concentrate that is called a “dabber,” and a blowtorch to apply heat to the nail.

Besides needing quite a few equipment, another difference between smoking raw cannabis plant and smoking dabs is that consumers do not heat the product directly. Instead, the nail is preheat using a heat source such as the blowtorch before placing the dab on the heated surface while inhaling through the rig. Instead of investing in these equipment, some consumers opt to smoke concentrates through a vape pen.

The Dangers of Dab Smoking

However, dabs could also pose some dangers to consumers if not practiced safely. Risks primarily arise from the process of producing concentrates. With the abundance of material that teaches how to produce concentrates, many consumers try to venture in extracting concentrates at home. While the worst-case scenario is explosion and starting a fire, the purity the product cannot be guaranteed outside the parameters of a proper cannabis concentrates laboratory.

Additionally, many users who want to dip their toes into dab smoking also invest on inexpensive equipment. This could pose serious risk if done carelessly. Inexperienced dab smokers should also be careful of the potency of concentrates. Overdosing could be an intensely uncomfortable situation if the body is not used to such high levels of THC.

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