Top Shelf Hybrid Products

Hybrid strains such as the popular Banana Kush, Cookies, Blue Dream, and OG Kush, are a combination of the two varieties of cannabis.

Top Shelf Hybrid Products

Engineering a High Society with Top Shelf Hybrid Products

Much like other plants, cannabis is hybridized with the aim to improve the quality of the crops. The increase commercial, recreational, and medical demand for marijuana is parallel to the growth of experimentation on strain varieties. This how top shelf hybrid strains come into play in the cannabis industry.

Hybrid strains, such as the popular “Banana Kush” “Cookies,” “Blue Dream,” and “OG Kush,” are a combination of the two varieties of cannabis. They could be a combination of different Sativa varieties, a mixture of different Indica plants, or a hybrid that contains both Indica and Sativa. Here at MainStage, we have a wide variety of top shelf hybrid products that range from flowers to pre-rolls to concentrates. The hybrid strains utilized are cultivated and grown to manifest specific physical features and effects upon consumption.

Cannabis researchers recognize four general types of hybrid strains:

  • Sativa x Sativa
  • Indica x Indica
  • Sativa x Indica
  • Indica x Sativa

For hybrid cannabis plants that are a combination of the two different species of Cannabis, Sativa and Indica, three hybrid varieties could emerge: a) sativa-dominant; b) indica-dominant; and c) true hybrid. The majority of the features of a species-dominant strain will exhibit dominant species’, and less of the other one. This is why many cannabis users utilize Indica-dominant hybrid strains for its sedative properties, and Sativa-dominant products for the opposite. Meanwhile, a “true” hybrid is believed to equally express the characteristics of both parent plants.

With the legalization, as well as the increasing acceptance of medical and recreational marijuana, several variations of top shelf hybrid cannabis are being sold and currently developed in the industry. Here at MainStage, we guarantee that all the strains and products we present to our customers are safe and stellar. No matter your Cannabis need is, we got you. This is part of our mission to engineer a high society.